Study & Work Away Service

The Study & Work Away Service has been created as part of the Service Excellence Programme to deliver all work and study away activities through a single service.

The Study & Work Away Service is a new unit which will bring all study and work away activity across the University into a single service.

The new service is based within Edinburgh Global. It incorporates all staff previously responsible for this area of work, and extends our remit to manage both global and UK opportunities.

A number of colleagues from Colleges and Schools have already joined us. So far, we've welcomed staff from the School of Social and Political Sciences and Moray House School of Education, with more staff expected to join the central service over the coming months.

The Study & Work Away Service will continue to work closely with Schools and other Professional Services to ensure that students and staff are aware of opportunities such as placements, exchanges, internships and fieldtrips, and that they understand how to apply.

We manage multiple channels to help staff and students find information on this area of activity. These channels will be retaining their Go Abroad identities and messaging, and applications will continue to be received through School contacts as well as through these promotional channels.

For more information, please visit: 
Go Abroad for students

Go Abroad for staff

Study Abroad in Edinburgh

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