Una Europa Launches Bachelor in European Studies

The University of Edinburgh along with seven other universities in the Una Europa alliance have joined forces to develop the Bachelor in European Studies.

As a member of the Una Europa alliance, the University of Edinburgh is delighted to announce the launch of its first joint bachelor’s programme: the Una Europa Bachelor in European Studies, a unique programme co-developed by eight Una Europa partner universities.

This programme is a result of the commitment of the partner universities to a new level of in-depth transnational collaboration and exemplifies the Una Europa guiding pedagogical principles of high-quality international, multilingual, interdisciplinary and research-based education. It is the first step in the alliance’s ambitious plan to develop and implement joint innovative formats at all levels of education, with a view to enhancing the quality of their joint academic offer and co-develop an educational environment fit for graduates of the future.

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About the Programme

In the joint Bachelor in European Studies, students will study the fundamental aspects and values of the European Union, as well as European states and societies, in a multilingual environment. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, students will learn how to understand and analyse Europe and its role in the world. Through the extensive mobility programme, students will not only learn about Europe, but also experience, live and grow in an international setting.

BAES students will acquire a multidisciplinary background in European Studies and spend at least three semesters abroad before obtaining a joint degree. The BAES programme is unique and will start in the 2022-2023 academic year.

We are very proud of the excellent programme that our dedicated academics have co-developed across countries, languages, institutions and disciplines. We look forward to start recruiting our first student cohort for the next academic year.

Emily Palmer
Secretary-General of Una Europa

Applications for the programme are already open and can be accessed here. Students from non-EEA countries are encouraged to apply by 1 March and students from EEA countries by 1 June. More information about the programme is available in the programme brochure and via the dedicated website.

An Exciting Launch for Una Europa

Across the European Higher Education Area, joint European Bachelor’s degrees are still few and far between. With this Joint Bachelor in European Studies, Una Europa aims to help make the European Higher Education Area a reality and contribute to the European Commission’s objective of Achieving the European Education Area by 2025.

The recently-published European Strategy for Universities sets out a vision for a joint European Degree to be delivered at national level, which would attest learning outcomes achieved as part of transnational cooperation by mid-2024. At Una Europa, we very much welcome this flagship policy initiative, which is closely aligned to our position on the European Degree as a quality label based on a common set of European criteria.

Peter Lievens
Vice-Rector for International Policy at KU Leuven and Project Coordinator of the alliance’s flagship Erasmus+ project 1Europe

Una Europa brings together nine leading research universities with global reputation and reach. Our mission is to create a truly European inter-university environment, where outstanding research is continuously linked to transnational learning and innovative, critical thinking. Learn more about Una Europa from our Stories or from the Una Europa website.