Privacy and cookies

We conform to the University of Edinburgh's Privacy Policy and you should read the University's cookie statement to understand the types of cookies we use.

University of Edinburgh - Privacy Policy

University of Edinburgh - Cookies we use 

Exceptions - Additional cookies we use on Edinburgh Global

We do however use some additional cookies that are not given in the University's cookie list.

Functionality Cookies

We use some cookies to enable our website to remember choices our users make.

These cookies are known as “functionality cookies” and help to improve a user’s experience of a website by providing a more personalised service.

Audience Filter

We use a functionality cookie with our audience filter. When you first access the Edinburgh Global website, you are invited to choose to view the site as an 'external visitor', a 'member of University staff' or a 'University student'. We have a wide audience base so this filter helps personalise content, delivering content that is relevant. This cookie does not identify you personally and you can change your filter at any time. The cookie will be saved until your browser cache is deleted. You can block this cookie in your web browser or device settings. Once blocked the website will default to the 'external visitor' view of our web content.

Audience Filter Tour (usage guidance)

For some functionality (e.g. the filter 'Tour') we use HTML5 Local Storage rather than set a cookie as this feature is only required once. This means that a setting is stored in your browser for all future visits and will only be removed if all cookies are cleared via the Privacy settings on your browser. As with all our cookies, no personal information is stored or shared.

Javascript Enabled?

We use a cookie to check whether you have javascript enabled in your browser settings, so we can deliver content in a suitable way depending on your settings. This cookie does not identify you personally and expires when you close your browser.

Third Party Cookies

The way we use social media on the Edinburgh Global website means that by accessing the site you are consenting that you will view republished content from three third party social media services.
We also use Zendesk to provide our 'Ask us a question' tool, Zendesk install one cookie to understand visitor and user preferences, improve user experience, and track and analyze usage, navigational and other statistical information.

These services - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ZenDesk - may set cookies in your browser which may track your activity online. 

You should read their privacy policies to understand how they use cookies.




Opting out or blocking some cookies may affect the functionality of the website.

We may change the cookies we use, but if we make substantial changes, we will publish this change clearly on the website.