Develop a partnership

Find out more about the tools, resources and support available at the University for developing partnerships.

The University of Edinburgh works in partnership with research institutes, leading universities, governments, industry and other organisations around the world to address global challenges and deliver real impact.

We strive to develop innovative and sustainable collaborations with partners who share our strategic vision and core values.

We have a strong track record in establishing successful partnerships and robust internal governance processes and guidance to ensure that quality partnerships can be developed and delivered effectively. If you are interested in collaborating with the University of Edinburgh, please contact the Global Partnerships Team.

Tools and resources for our staff

Our staff can access a range of resources to help them develop partnerships [Ease protected for University staff only].

  • Key contacts for support across the University
  • Information on current partnerships
  • Principles of partnership
  • Steps to develop a partnership
  • Risk management and due diligence guidance
  • Governance and approvals processes
  • Role of International Ventures Group
  • Internal training opportunities
  • Links to relevant University policies

Contact the Global Partnerships Team

We encourage any member of staff considering a new partnership to contact us so that we can provide appropriate information and guidance.

Contact the Global Partnerships team.