Our Global Profile

Just some of the reasons why Edinburgh is a global leader.

Meeting our targets

The Global Engagement Plan focuses on three key thematic areas that strongly align with the University Strategic Plan and Vision 2025 ambition.

Global Exchange

We will support global citizenship, enhance our exchange with the world and aim to:

  • Increase opportunities for our students to work, study and volunteer overseas
  • Strengthen our understanding and dialogue with the world
  • Advance our exchange and engagement with key regions of the world
  • Support ‘Internationalisation at Home’ to promote engagement on campus

Global Community

Edinburgh’s community of students and staff is one of the most international in the United Kingdom. We plan to support strong and vibrant communities and aim to:

  • Deliver new scholarships and financial assistance to support greater access
  • Further internationalise our community of staff and students
  • Improve services for our global community of students and staff
  • Enhance engagement with our global alumni community

Global Partnership

We will build strategic university partnerships with governments, business and industry and aim to:

  • Enhance support for creating and delivering sustainable global partnerships
  • Build global communities of learners through digital and transnational education
  • Support greater engagement by increasing internal partnerships
  • Deliver new transformational partnerships with business, industry and academia