Our Global Engagement Plan

A map to deliver our strategic goals.

This Plan outlines our aims and how we will achieve them between 2017-2020.

"We are one of the world’s leading universities, and one of the most international. These characteristics go hand in hand and have defined us for centuries."

Edinburgh has always been an international university, drawing academics and students from all over the world, working with institutions internationally, and leading research that has had a global impact.

We need to support our global community of staff and students, ensure everyone has the chance to engage globally (and locally) and build transformational transnational partnerships to ensure our teaching and research has more impact and greater reach.

Our global ambition

"Our ambition is to deliver impact for society, where it is most needed. As a truly global university, rooted in Scotland's capital city, we make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to the world, often through partnerships and exchange and always through engagement."

James Smith, Vice Principal International

Ways of working

The next five years will be characterised by an accelerating pace of change, complex global challenges and rising expectations. This creates challenges and opportunities and will require a new, shared way of working.

We will share knowledge and best practice, and work collaboratively to realise our ambitions together.

Meeting our targets

Our global objectives are grouped into three key areas.

Global Community

Global Exchanges

Global Partnerships

We invite staff, students and partners to engage with us.

Read the global engagement plan:

Our Global Engagement Plan.pdf