North America

The North American team support the University’s strategic relationship across the region.

Scott McQuarrie

Scott McQuarrie

Regional Director

Based in New York City

Key contacts

There are several key contacts who lead, direct or manage our strategic activities in North America.

About the regional team

The North American regional team is led by Scott McQuarrie.

Scott works with the International Dean to devise and deliver a regional plan for the University's engagement with North America, and collaborates with the regional managers to plan student recruitment activities.

From their regional centre in New York, the North American team enagage in diverse activities including fundraising, recruitment, alumni engagement, collaboration with funders and sponsors of research.

The focus of the team reflects the strength and quality of our alumni network and student recruitment in the USA and Canada.

Both Edinburgh Global and Development & Alumni provide oversight to support the regional team's activities.

Our Regional Brief

North America - Regional brief (preview 600x350px).png

Read our Regional Brief for North America:


North American Office
The University of Edinburgh
45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2000
New York NY 10111

Office: +1 (212) 332-3464

Alumni network

We have 20,000 alumni currently residing in North America.

Find out more about our Alumni Network


Tessa Bell, Aly Stewart and Sara Normand Cavalieri manage recruitment activity in Canada and the USA.

We seek out the best students from countries across the Americas, with a dedicated team of recruitment staff.

We have a dedicated area for entry requirements, which translates UK requirements into local qualifications:

We regularly meet with prospective students and partners in the Americas. Here is an up to date list of our next trips:

The recruitment wiki includes reports and resources for staff who are interested in international recruitment activities.

Recruitment enquiries

Enquiries from the USA
Enquiries from Canada

You can call Edinburgh Global on: +44 (0) 131 650 4296

University Centres

The Centre of Canadian Studies brings people together from across the University with an interest in Canada. They support, publicise and pursue research projects, academic activities, and run events related to Canada.