Edinburgh launches external engagement across global cities

Samantha Allan

This initiative aims to build collaborations, strengthen connections with partners, alumni and supporters, and to raise the profile of the University as a leading innovator and influencer.

By Samantha Allan

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Edinburgh Global will be coordinating events in multiple global cities and regions across 2018 and 2019, as part of a co-ordinated External Engagement Plan.

Where we plan to visit 

There will be annual visits to cities where Edinburgh Global already has a presence; New York, Brussels, London, Mumbai, Singapore and Shanghai. Other city regions, San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, Delhi, Bangalore, Beijing and Hong Kong will be visited every other year.

During 2018 we will run events in 5 cities.

Why did we choose these locations?

The cities and regions were selected based on levels of student recruitment, business and government partnership, academic research partnership, industry links and potential for high-level donations.

About the events

Each event will have its own set of priorities which may include student recruitment, business and government partnerships and research collaborations. The content of the events will be shaped by the priorities of Schools and Colleges and will be delivered in partnership with supporting professional services.

The idea is to include knowledge exchange and discussion on topics of shared importance. Topics or themes will be of relevance and importance to policy making and industry, both now and in the future and on issues which have strong research elements that are priorities in Edinburgh.

Each event will also host high profile engagement activities including a Global Change Forum. These forums will focus on broader areas of potential impact, where the University and its international partners aim to influence positive change throughout the world.

Our first event

The first forum took place in Brussels early this year and focused on ‘The future of work’ where a keynote speech was made by the former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Mr Laszlo Andor. The event theme was the impact that technology can have on employment and society throughout the world, this included the effects of connectivity, automation and artificial intelligence.

"We had about 80 people which included policy makers, government officials and University alumni. As a result of the event we had a chance for UoE staff to connect with EU policy makers and the opportunity to establish stronger and more meaningful links with local alumni."

Jake Broadhurst, Head of Global Projects

Upcoming events in 2018

The events will include a combination of meetings, workshops, a change forum, and in some cases a public lecture, all suited to the theme.

10 - 11 September - Singapore

The theme for the event in Singapore is Data Science in Health.

12 - 13 November 2018 - New York

The theme for the event in New York is The Future of Education.

Visits are also in development for London and Mumbai during 2018. Final confirmation of dates is forthcoming but it is anticipated these will take place in November and December respectively.

Planned events in 2019

  • January - Brussels
  • March - Shanghai
  • March - San Francisco & Toronto
  • May - London
  • September - Singapore
  • October - Beijing
  • December - Mumbai & Delhi

Get involved

Edinburgh Global invite staff to collaborate with us on these global city region events.

These events are about high level collaboration, profile raising and transformational partnerships, and we want these events to be as inclusive of existing activity in the region as we possibly can. If have established partners or planned events in any of the regions, please do get in touch to share information.

Jake Broadhurst, Head of Global Projects

Share information

If you have established connections and partnerships in the area where Edinburgh Global is coordinating an event, we encourage you to get in touch.


If you want to share ideas or information that would assist this project, please get in touch with Jake Broadhurst, Head of Global Projects.

To get in touch with Jake, please email: Jake.Broadhurst@ed.ac.uk

Find out more

Details of our activities and profile in each global region is available on regional section of the website.

Regional webpages