Middle East

Key contacts for engagement with the region.


Firas Ibrahim

Regional Director - Middle East

Based in Edinburgh


Key contacts

There are several members of senior staff who lead and direct our activities in the Middle East.

About the regional team

The team is led by Dr Firas Ibrahim. Firas is located in Edinburgh.

Firas works with the International Dean to devise and deliver the University's regional plan for the Middle East. Firas also leads on student recruitment. 

Our Regional Brief - Middle East

Facts and figures about our engagement with the Middle East.

Middle East - Regional brief 1

Click here to read our regional brief for the Middle East:


We seek out the best students from countries across the Middle East.

Firas leads student recruitment in addition to devising the strategic direction for the region.

We regularly meet with prospective students and partners in the Middle East. Here is an up to date list of our next trips:

The recruitment wiki includes reports and resources for staff who are interested in international recruitment activities.

University Centres

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Our internationally recognised teaching centre leads the UK in quality of its teaching and research in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies.

Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World

The Centre builds crucial expertise on the Arab World, coupling knowledge of the Arabic language with advanced interdisciplinary research methods.

The Edinburgh Alwaleed Centre

The Centre encourages a better understanding of Islam and Islamic Culture through ground-breaking research and innovative outreach projects.


With a growing number of students from the Middle East choosing to come to Edinburgh we are keen to grow our networks in the region.