University contacts who work across the African continent.


Derek MacLeod

Regional Director - Africa

Based in Edinburgh

There are several key contacts who lead, direct or manage our strategic activities in countries across Africa.

Key contacts

About the regional team

Derek MacLeod leads the regional team. Derek is based in Edinburgh.

Derek works to devise and deliver the University's regional plan for Africa. Derek also acts as Partnerships Manager as part of the MasterCard Foundation Program Team. Nick Rowland, Regional Manager, leads on student recruitment.

Our Regional Brief - Africa

Facts and figures about our engagement with Africa.

Africa - Regional brief 1

Click here to read our regional brief on Africa: 

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Team 

Our collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation represents one of the University's most important partnerships in relation to our engagement with Africa. Over seven years, the Scholars Program will support at least 200 talented African students to complete study at the University of Edinburgh alongside extracurricular training in leadership, entrepreneurship and service to their communities and countries.

Johanna Holtan leads the MasterCard Program Team, working closely with Derek MacLeod to develop partnership and recruitment in Africa.

Contact the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Team

Read more aboout the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program


Nick Rowland, Regional Manager for Africa, is the key contact for student recruitment in Africa.

We have a dedicated area for entry requirements, which translates UK requirements into local qualifications.

We regularly meet with prospective students and partners in Africa. Here is an up to date list of our next trips:

The recruitment wiki includes reports and resources for staff who are interested in international recruitment activities.

Centre for African Studies

The Centre of African Studies acts as a focal point for postgraduate teaching and supervision on Africa and a hub for research programmes


We now have over 1700 alumni living across Africa, and this number continues to grow.