Edinburgh Global leads the University’s international strategy.

We lead and support the University’s international activities and collaborations.

Edinburgh Global’s strategic themes are Partnership, Community and Exchange.


We provide a strategic framework for the development and delivery of global partnerships and collaborations.

We deliver an advice and support service to staff, offering guidance on partnership development, policy and protocol.

We manage the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program – a key partnership that supports talented African students to complete their studies alongside leadership training.


We lead the international student recruitment and applicant support for the University. Our teams work with international applicants, stakeholders and partners across the globe.

We manage the University’s Regional Centres, based in Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore.

We support international staff through our Staff Visa Service and support equal access via our work with Refugees, Asylum and At-Risk Scholars.

We actively work with colleagues across the University to support and build a sense of community and inclusion on campus.


We manage the University’s exchange partners and agreements.

We deliver a range of real-world and virtual funded opportunities for students to study and work abroad.

We generate and manage funded opportunities for all staff to have international experiences.

We manage the incoming Visiting Student programmes for the University.

We manage or provide oversight of key University alliances like Una Europa, U21, LERU, UNICA, U7+ and Coimbra.

Senior management

Alan Mackay

Deputy Vice-Principal International and Director
Edinburgh Global

Alan is responsible for the leadership and management of the University’s International operation and supporting the implementation of the international strategy.

Professor James Smith

Vice-Principal International
Edinburgh Global

James Smith is Professor of African and Development Studies. As Vice-Principal International he is responsible for shaping and implementing the University’s Internationalisation Strategy.

Portrait of Chris Yeomans, University of Edinburgh

Chris Yeomans

Director, Global Engagement
Edinburgh Global

Chris has senior management responsibility for the global partnerships, community and regions portfolios including services, projects and activities across these areas. Chris works closely with the Vice-Principal International and College International Deans in support of the University’s international ambition, and provides senior support to the Director, Edinburgh Global in the overall management and operation of Edinburgh Global.

Staff by team

Global Business Unit

Kerry Wilson, Head of Business Unit

Julia Hermiston, Assistant Head of Business Unit

Vicky Duckworth, PA to DVP International and Director Edinburgh Global, PA to VP International

Avril Spray, Senior Administrator

Jenny Riley, Senior Administrator

Olga Krets, Administrator

Fiona Paterson, Administrator

Kasia Boissiere, Administrator

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Communications & IT

Kirsty Gillies, Head of Communications & IT

Lorna Bruce, Assistant Head – Comms (on leave)

Jackie Thompson, Assistant Head – Comms (secondment)

Ian MacDougall, Assistant Head – IT

Michael Maclennan – IT Support Officer

Ayshalini Rajahsuresh, IT Support Assistant

Samantha Allan, Digital Communications Officer

Felicity Mann, Digital Communications Officer

Trisha Wakeford, Internal Communications Officer (Una Europa)

Nic Cameron, Senior Communications Assistant

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Partnerships & Community

Derek MacLeod, Head of Global Partnerships and Community

Sarah Hoey, Deputy Head of Global Community, Immigration Legal Adviser

Vivian MacDonald, Global Community and Staff Immigration Advisor

Michelle Beagan, Senior Partnerships Advisor

Jake Broadhurst, Senior Partnerships Advisor

Tessa Bell, Senior Partnerships Advisor

Claire Edminson, Global Partnerships Coordinator

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Mastercard Foundation Program Team

Charlie Bevan, Program Director

Sharon Boateng, Program Manager

Pete Kingsley, Student Development Coordinator

Inga Ackermann, Online Learning and Leadership Coordinator

Karen Pinto-Csaszar, Administrative Assistant

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To see the full staff listing for our 8 regions please visit our regional pages:

Africa – Nick Rowland, Regional Director

East Asia – Grace Guan, Regional Director

Europe – Helen McMillan, Regional Director

Latin America

Middle East

North America – Scott McQuarrie

South Asia – Athulya Aravind, Regional Director

Southeast Asia – Audrey Kon, Regional Director

Student Recruitment is managed by the International Recruitment Team, led by Robbie Willis, and now based in Student Recruitment and Admissions (SRA).
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Study & Work Away

Isabell Majewsky Anderson, Head of Study and Work Away

Signe Olander, Deputy Head of Study and Work Away

Adele David, Study and Work Away Advisor

Anita Petriello, Study and Work Away Advisor

Cameron McKay, Study and Work Away Advisor

Becca Lloyd, Study and Work Away Manager

Mhari McIntyre, Study and Work Away Advisor

Lesley Balharry, Study and Work Away Manager

Katarzyna Sambora, Study and Work Away Administrator

Ewa Dzieciol, Study and Work Away Advisor

Veronica Coates, Study and Work Away Advisor

Eilidh MacDonald, Study and Work Away Manager

Lucy Clark, Study and Work Away Administrator

Carolyn Marino Carmichael, Study and Work Away Advisor

Alex Vasepuru, Study and Work Away Administrator

Maria Martos-Blanco, Study and Work Away Administrator

Mona Montella, Study and Work Away Administrator

Sarah Montgomery, Study and Work Away Advisor

Isabel O’Hagan, Study and Work Away Manager

Chelsea Ferguson, Study and Work Advisor

Randall Reinhard, Study and Work Away Advisor

John Bennett, Study and Work Away Manager

Heather McComb, Study and Work Away Digital Communications Officer

Charlotte Naylor, Study and Work Away Events Coordinator

Ieva Galvanauskaite, Study and Work Away Advisor

Sophie Conway, Study and Work Away Manager

Debbie Coutts, Study and Work Away Manager

Katarzna Sambora, Study and Work Away Administrator

Angel Garmpi, Study and Work Away Administrator

Ella Rook, Study and Work Away Administrator

Matilda Cimmerbeck, Study and Work Away Administrator

Aiste Zilyte, Study and Work Away Administrator

Paul Gorman, Study and Work Away Business Support Analyst

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