Global Challenges Lab

The Global Challenges Lab showcases the ongoing and developing work collaborative projects of the Global Academies. They demonstrate how research and learning lead to impact and transformation.

Malawi Cervical Cancer Programme

Global Health Academy

Malawi Cervical Cancer Programme

Cervical cancer is the most frequent cancer among women of a reproductive and economically important age. With 80% mortality, and numbers projected to increase over the next two decades.

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The Circular Solar Challenge 2016

Global Development Academy

The Circular Solar Challenge 2016

Is it possible to build fairly-sourced, repairable and recyclable solar powered lighting systems for use in East Africa?

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Global Justice Academy

Global Justice Academy

Political Settlements Research Programme

A new scholarship to build research capacity in the global south, provide research training which is targeted at DFID priority states. 

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Global Environment and Society Academy

Global Environment and Society Academy

The Carbon Masters Project

This collaboration will provide members of the Scottish Business Community (SBC) and of the Mayday network with free carbon audit and action plan, completed by MSc students from the Carbon Management programme.

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Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

New Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security 

The University of Edinburgh is investing around £35M in the Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security, bringing experts together to find solutions to the world's key food issues.

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Health Policy

Global Health Blog

If somebody had a crystal ball: the paradox of a self-defeating health policy – Dudzai Mureyi

Dudzai Mureyi is a first year PhD student on the Global eHealth programme at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Dr Claudia Pagliari (eHealth Research Group) and Dr Raluca Bunduchi (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group).

Dr Kehinde Andrews presenting at Pan Africanism event

Global Justice Blog

The Future of Pan-Africanism

A report from The Future of Pan-Africanism event, hosted recently in Edinburgh, that received funding from the Global Justice and Global Development academies’ joint Innovative Initiative Fund.

Global Agriculture Blog

Global Academy of Agriculture & Food Security Blog

Agriculture workshop examines drone use to boost harvests

International agriculture experts took part in a workshop in Kenya to examine how drones and other remote sensing tools may be able to help farmers make better use of their land.

Let there be light

Global Development Blog

Let there be light

The large southern city of Bangalore has become a globally recognised symbol for Indian economic resurgence, and as the national centre for technological commerce it has been coined ‘the Silicon-Valley of India’.

Global Environment Society Academy Blog July

Global Environment and Society Blog

Creating space for ‘failure’ in policy development - a look at the use of evaluation in Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme pilots

The publication of the Scottish Government’s Draft Climate Change Plan is another stark reminder of the scale and pace of change that is needed to be in with a chance of mitigating the most dangerous effects of climate change.


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