Key contacts for European partnerships and activities.

Helen McMillan

Helen McMillan

Regional Director - Europe

Based in Edinburgh

Key contacts 

There are several key contacts who lead, direct or manage our strategic activities in Europe.

About the regional team

Helen McMillan is based in Edinburgh. As Regional Director she is responsible for devising the University's regional plan for Europe. She works with colleagues across the University to co-ordinate European activities and engagement.

Our Regional Brief - Europe

Facts and figures about our engagement with Europe.

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 Click here to read our regional brief on Europe:

Recruitment contacts

We seek out the best students from countries across Europe.

We have a dedicated area for entry requirements, which translates UK requirements into local qualifications.

European exchanges contacts

We have over 1,000 exchange links, including a huge range of European partners.

Lindsay Pilcher manages the European exchange programme.

Find out more about exchanges here:

Impact of the EU Referendum on the University of Edinburgh.

We have a dedicated site which addresses any of the immediate issues for staff and students, both current and prospective. This site is regularly updated as developments occur.

Visit the University and Europe website

University Centres

Dashkova Centre

The Centre’s mission is to advance knowledge in the field of Russian language studies and to foster a broader understanding of Russia through research, academic training and knowledge exchange.

Europa Institute

The Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre devoted brings together world-class scholars to study the governance, institutions, law and policies of the European Union.

Department of European Languages and Cultures (DELC)

This department is dedicated to the teaching of European languages, offering a very broad range of languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Catalan.


Over 15,000 University of Edinburgh alumni live and work across mainland Europe.

Find out more about our Alumni network: